Best VPS

What’s a VPS?

VPS or “Virtual Private Server” is a Remote Desktop (computer) which allows you have programs running remotely 24/7.

Since the Forex Market is open from Sunday 5:00pm through Friday 4:00pm EST, it is essential to have your MT4 platform(s) running 24 hours a day. Having a VPS gives you the ability to do this, without worrying about a power failure or a lost internet connection.

It is very important to use a solid and reliable VPS provider. There are a variety of companies that offer VPS services, we recommend the following VPS provider:

CNS (Commercial Network Services.)

The CNS Virtual Desktop for Online Traders has been specifically designed for Forex Traders, it is by far the most reliable, solid, and trusted VPS service out there! You can choose your server based on your geographic location, (USA East, USA West, Europe, UK), and there are many other great features and services available to meet your needs.

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